Sheffield artist Felicity Hoy specialises in images of strong and sexy women

Wherever they are, the works of the Felicity Hoy, the Sheffield-based artist are hard to miss-the colours are so bright, the lines so bold, and they nearly all feature women.

Mulan, By Felicity Hoy

Mulan, By Felicity Hoy


“I draw badass women, sexy and strong”, said she.  As young as 26, Hoy has already established herself a name of independent artist who is commissioned by businesses of all sorts.

In her work, the snow-white is not fragile,  Mulan is not exhausted , the little mermaid is not enigmatic–they are strong, cheerful, and even a bit evil: the snow-white offers the huntsman’s heart,  Mulan sees no need to hide her curvy figure and claw-like fingers, the mermaid reveals sail boat tattoo on her slender, half-naked waist.  The strong and sexy women are her trademark.

Prior to becoming a full-time artist, Hoy travelled extensively in Asia where she re-encountered her own passion for art and started to draw things like the Forbidden Palace and all kinds of people. “Before that I had done an art foundation course at school, it had taught me how to think differently about thing, but my university degree was in Film and Media,” said Hoy.

At the end of her journey Hoy moved to Australia and there she was inspired by some tattoos work featuring Disney princesses . One year after she returned to her home in Sheffield and her artistic energy exploded into drawings of fantasy and femininity that are immensely pleasurable and satisfying to look at.

At first she was working-full time in an engineering company.” I was basically doing my art every single night, because of that job of my I started to teach myself how to use Adobe Illustrator. I also learned Photoshop, and my art started to progress gradually,” she said.

At the beginning, Hoy would spend several hours even days working on her large composition, revelling in the searching quality of the lines, making sure all of them were connected. Then she scanned the script and coloured all the blocks. She taught herself using the colouring software, and in this process of learning she developed her own style that addresses to the human heart. Now she has become a more efficient and accurate illustrator who is able to put more details and depth into her art and accomplish really complicated drawings quickly and accurately.

Apart from the delightedness and pleasure in her art, one can also read a dose of reality in them. “my drawings go against the whole ‘I wanna get married and live in a Castile’ thing, said Hoy, “Because that is not true, women should strong and beautiful and sexy.”