About Me

Food and politics, two of my favorite things 


Fortunately I got a chance to study journalism in the best country to study Journalism, unfortunately the industry competes like hell.


If you have some time to spare, please tell me which of my posts do u like best


Thank you my readers



11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hey chloe! that manchu dessert snack you featured seemed like a delight. I’d like to try one when i get back to china. do you think they’d be available in shanghai too? i hope you get your 1000 visitors because really a macair one shiny toy that every blogger lusts for :p got one for myself a year ago and never regretted it.

    • i did a little research online and found a beijing style snack restaurant in shanghai that has lvdagunr, the address is 杨浦区邯郸路600号万达商业广场食品一店2楼(近淞沪路), (flr.2 Wanda Plaza, 600 Handan Road, Yangpu district). hope you enjoy shanghai!

  2. Hey Chloe, haha, love your 1000 views goal,hope you have already accomplished it! I have been very interested in China, Asia and anything Asian since very little, so, I’ll be sure to follow your blog to get your perspective on things. Thanks and talk to you soon! Teresa

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