Victorian Christmas Market Sheffield

For someone from a foreign land, “Christmas” itself is of enough amazement, not to mention going to a part of the city that travels back in time to the Victorian age.

Surprised and overwhelmed I walked through scenes from Dickson’s novels and Sheffield’ industrial past. Heavy sounds made by power generators roamed at the background, the air was full of the scent of fried beef and roasted chestnuts.

Numerous stalls were set up along the narrow river bank.A steam engined train drove back and forth. Further into some allies were indoor market selling unique handicrafts. Merchants dressed up and Fancy Victorian Costumes and spoke with special courtesy, a gypsy woman painted snow flakes on children’s face, and two reindeer lied lazily outside the building.

The Market opens on 1st and 2nd of December at Kelham Island Museum, it is the 20th Victorian Christian Museum organized by Kelham Island Museum and the Sheffield Industrial Museum estimated 150 stalls have been set up.

Entrance fee was £5 for adults and free for children.

Merry Christmas!


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