Scientists have found footprints of a new dinosaurs type from Jurassic Yorkshire

Dinosaur Footprint, Weston Park Museum, Sheffield

Dinosaur Footprint, Weston Park Museum, Sheffield

Scientists have found footprints of a new dinosaur type from Jurassic Yorkshire

Scientists from the University of Sheffield have discovered traces of a species of dinosaur that has never been found in Yorkshire before.

The type of dinosaur being identified remains secret, but the findings will be published soon.

The findings are based on vital evidence of dinosaur footprints found on the Northeast coast of Yorkshire.

Dr Martin Whyte, a core member of the Dinosaur Track Research Group at Sheffield University, said the findings were “significant” to the understanding of evolution of this type of dinosaur.

These footprints were formed during the Middle Jurassic strata (160-180 million years ago) on the Yorkshire coast where little dinosaur bones have been found.

It is also the first time this dinosaur type has been found at this this period in pre-history worldwide, he added.

Dr Whyte’s work on tracing and tracking dinosaur footprints in Cleveland area of Yorkshire with his colleague Mike Romano goes back more than a decade. Since then they have established a series of footprints of a quadrupedal stegosaurian dinosaur and found evidence of dinosaurs swimming.

“What we have here is only a very small amount of a single specimen that is made up of several footprints on a block”, said Dr Whyte about the new discoveries.

“Most footprints made in Yorkshire coast were never preserved, very rarely you get situation where a sediment has been walked on by a dinosaur, gets covered over by another sediment, and then footprints get preserved,” added Dr Whyte.

“The coast of Yorkshire was once an attractive destination for a wide range of dinosaurs, but they did not live there all the time. They move in and out, as the seasons change,”.said Dr Whyte, “I don’t think anywhere else has got quite diverse dinosaur species as we have(in Yorkshire).”


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