Road in Silkstone, All Saints and St James Church are all closed for Coroner investigation

 A woman who was buried in a graveyard at All Saints and St James Church, Silkstone is being dug out by the Yorkshire Police in the UK. 


Her body, which was burried there since 2011, will hopefully tell the forensic post-mortem that what, or who, had killed her.

The identity of the woman is not disclosed as requested by her family.

As a result to the examination, which is on behalf of the Coroner for an ongoing-investigation to find the woman’s cause of death, All Saints & St James Church and its grounds, as well as  Barnsley Road, Silkstone, Barnsley will be closed from midday Thursday, 25 October until the evening of Friday, 26 October 2012. Neither pedestrians or vehicles are allowed.

At the meantime, forensic tent will be set up over the grave. The examination is under the consent of the woman’s family.


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