The Amazing World of Denny Museum Open to Public First Time in Decades

From a gigantic beak of extinct a pre-history bird to a tiny fetus of a sea turtle preserved in alcohol, the Alfred Denny Museum of the University of Sheffield is exhibiting a wide range of amazing specimen to the public for the first time in history.

As part of the “festival of the mind”, an 11-day event co-hosted by the university and the creative community of Sheffield city, the exhibition–”the amazing world of Alfred Denny” takes place on 22nd, 23rd, 29th and 30th of September. At the meantime, free tours led by volunteering student and a professor of the department of plants and animal sciencewill be conducted, and children are invited to play quiz games. People from all walks of life are attracted by the unprecedented opportunity to have a closer look at the mysteries animal world made up of fossils, materials of extinct animals, animals preserved in alcohol and fully articulated skeletons.

Ryan, a 8-year-old boy who came with his mother, said:

“it was great fun, and I did the quiz”.

Another visitor who works as a jewelry, said:

“ I saw the exhibition on Facebook and decided to come and have a look–it is fascinating.”

Professor Birthed, the curator of the museum, said,

“The object of the exhibition, apart from being part of the festival (of the mind), is to stimulate people’s awareness of such amazing specimen”.

“Being located inside this university building makes public access to the museum more difficult”, he added. He also expressed regret on the current space available for the specimen in display. “the original museum which was founded at the beginning of 19th century was much bigger”, he said. “but it was destroyed during the bombing of Sheffield in the World War II.

May the exhibition room seem to be a bit narrow, the content on display is extremely rich. As a teaching museum, the Alfred Denny museum, named after its founder Professor Denny, the first professor of biology in the department, contains “representatives of nearly all animals groups”.

A total number of 56 exhibitions and events will be held throughout the city during the” festival of the mind”.


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