53 pigs killed by a single lightening-strike in Shenzhen


July could be a little bit too stormy for coastal cities. Last Week, Shenzhen, a city in located in the south of Guangdong Province neighbours Hong Kong, experienced some heavy thunderstorms which hit hard on a local pig farm.

On the morning of 5th, a thunder strike hit a big farm in village Low, Guangming District, Shenzhen. After hearing a big “bang”, the owner of the premises found the pigsty struck a hole at the top and the entire place in dead silence. As she went further to check, she found that all the 53 pigs killed by a single thunder strike. According to the experts from the Shenzhen Lightening Damage Prevention Centre, the city received 188 lightening on that day; some carried extremely high voltage charges that posed danger to human and animals. However, some people believe that the farm owners’ illegal set-up and use of electronic wires also contributed to the accident.

The total loss of the accident is estimated to be as high as 130,000 RMB (about 60,000 USD).


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