Teacher from New Zealand moonlighting Physician from Germany

Teacher or Doctor? 


A man named Philips, an English teacher employed in the Shandong Finance& Economic University, China, was alleged to have pushed a five-year girl into the water violently when he was shoveled slightly by the latter by accident. The incident happened in a hotel swimming pool in the presence of many locals, some of them cameraed this moment. Overnight, the photos of Phillips were being disseminated at a speed only possible in our age, but it turned out that it was not his first public appearance. Citizens of Jinan have recognized him from a previous TV commercial featuring a German physician, boasting the miraculous effects of a cure for nasal inflammation. In the commercial, the Phillips, who is originally from New Zealand, dressed in doctor’s suit and talked in a strange language covered by the loud Chinese dubbings. Besides him it writes in Chinese: German Expert Markus.

It seems that both Professor Phillips and Dr. Markus are in trouble now. The University has decided to end the contract with the Mr. Double-Identity, and the civil court ruled that he pays the girl 20,000 RMB (£2,000) as compensation.  Well, it is probably a good thing. Now Phillips the Markus can officially start pursuing a career in medical science …or acting. Image

for more news on foreign people being employed in China, see: http://chinadailymail.com/2012/07/08/chinas-new-entry-exit-laws-for-foreigners/


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