It was a lovely late summer day. The sun stayed in idleness at its own spot of the sky. The cloud swam followed by a melting tail. Lack of phrases which would launch conversation into smooth waters, we decided to sit here in silence. The wind passed through the tree, while the later complained in whisper; the wind passed me and I chilled a little, the wind passed my friend but she stayed still, as if enjoying its never ending caress. I looked benevolently at her, my dark skinned friend, and she looked at me.

 “I am sure it is not so bad to live in here, “I said, “I am sure life would be enough peaceful and simple”, I said, “nobody would force us to do anything, no pills”, I said, “those pills were making me psycho, what do you think?” I demanded.

She did not reply. I was sure she did not like where we were from. She had always been very weak there, and was constantly bullied. There were other girls like her in the asylum, they were bigger, and they stepped on her frequently. She would cry to me late at night, while everybody else fell asleep, in her hollow voice. “Don’t worry”, I would try my best to comfort her, “we will revenge, all you have to do is to remember those who had hurt you, and we shall do it together”.

So I did it. With an axe in the emergency room I killed everyone who has trampled on my dear friend, standing on her dignity they did not even apologise. Ginny, she was my roommate, she laughed at the friendship between me and my friend, so I killed her. The nurse, she never had sympathy when I tried to ask for protection for the sake of my friend, she turned me off and called us psycho behind us. She deserved what she got. Amy, Joy, Rose, Nicole, they all paid. Then we left in the next morning when the whole asylum was quiet as dead.

We ran fast, we saw things passing us by like old memories, we heard the laughter of the wind, we did not stop until once again, I saw her standing there, dark skinned but strong than ever. We found a bench in a park, and sat there for hours, enjoying this moment of tranquillity.

Sudden  police sirens broke the sky, four polices cars stopped 5o metres away and many more police came out. They shouted at me words I could not comprehend.

I rose up, half mean to go, so did my friends. All the trees quieted down and watched us.  The police pointed us with guns and said something more. I looked at my friend, waiting for some opinion. “Maybe they wanted the axe back”, she spoke, after a long thought. I agreed with her, so I lifted the axe and walked toward the police cars when all of them shot at me. I looked at my friend before I fell, she was prolonged because of fear, she wanted to run away but she could not leave, we were connected together. We could never part, my best friend, my shadow.


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