Yunnan-Kunming zoo

I searched for two hours looking for the main entrance of the Kunming zoo and I finally found it beside a market selling technical and IT stuff. It turned out that it was not the major entrance so I tried to sneak in but failed. Apparently two people were waiting for any who is looking for such a “short cut”. The zoo in general was mediocre—some animals, e.g. the Yunnan speciality, peacock was really cool. While the others look bored and pathetic just like their kinds usually do in other zoos. I guess it is never a good idea to prison the animals in cages.

Anyway, the peacock(as well as peahen) looked just fine. Most of the females were busy picking up the food on the ground and most the males were competing with each other on who can make bigger noise. I walked past an adult one who was on the roof scratching the glass, amking angry sound and showing his extravagant tail. I want to say to him “hey buddy that is quite a nice tail you have got there”.

And the white peacocks…I thought they were albino but they were actually just a colour variety of Indian blue peacock—not as beautiful as they were in the pictures but quite special.


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